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Evolving Excellence

  • Slow… or Just Observant?
    By Kevin Meyer The recent earthquake in Nepal has led me to reflect a bit on the importance of observation.  Just over a year ago my wife and I were in Nepal, visiting various locations in the Kathmandu valley as well as Pokhara and Begnas Lake.  I…
    - 13 May 15, 6:38am -
  • Find the Other Stories
    By Kevin Meyer I recently came across the following TED Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie where she talks about the “danger of a single story.”  From growing up as a kid in Nigeria to studying in the United States and into adulthood, she describ…
    - 30 Apr 15, 6:36am -
  • The Engaging Value of Risk
    By Kevin Meyer Humans tend to abhor chaos, and love to invoke rules to supposedly create order. We like rules because they make us feel protected, aligned, and perhaps operating on a fair playing field. At the same time we dislike rules because the…
    - 22 Feb 15, 9:53pm -
  • The Mindful Ohno
    Mindfulness has become all the rage in personal and professional leadership these days, which is good and bad. Understood and done right, it is a very powerful concept. But as with most concepts it is also often misunderstood, therefore sometimes ma…
    - 13 Jan 15, 4:50pm -
  • Reflecting on the Intentional Routine
    My post a couple weeks ago on Gratitude, for Gratitude, generated a large number of responses.  Interestingly, most were private, commenting on both the nature of gratitude but especially on my daily routine.  I had detailed my regular set of activ…
    - 14 Dec 14, 3:35am -

NAM Shopfloor

RSM McGladrey

    Green Manufacturing

    • The 3rd Machine Age
      Where are all the people?I recently bought and read a book “The Second Machine Age” by two visionary authors at MIT predicting (touting?) the rise of the next industrial revolution and the age of the robots … like the phrase in Lord of the R…
      - 49 days ago, 9 Jul 15, 6:24pm -
    • Circular economy (and global material and waste flows), Part III
      Where does everything go?The last posting on the circular economy (CE) was back in August, 2014 and discussed how to measure progress and the role of big data. The focus was on more sustainable behavior and how we might encourage consumers to consi…
      - 75 days ago, 13 Jun 15, 11:32pm -
    • Climate change and manufacturing
      Or, when you’re in a hole … stop digging The subtitle to this posting, the so-called “first law of holes,” is attributed to various sources (earliest going back to 1911 in the Washington Post) and is usually interpreted as “if you find…
      - 20 Feb 15, 6:14pm -
    • Material flow, the butterfly effect and consumer influence
      What is “your butterfly” up to?!Past postings have included discussions of the Ricoh Comet Circle and the circular economy as reasonable representations of several (perhaps oddly) connected elements in a more holistic view of sustainable syste…
      - 6 Jan 15, 1:05am -
    • Data Schmata
      Show me some numbers!At the end of the last posting the statement was made that it is necessary to address green manufacturing and the role of digital enterprises in the context of informing the customers each enterprise serves as well as those t…
      - 11 Nov 14, 6:54pm -

    Manufacturing Transformation

    The Fabricator

    • St. Valentine’s Day, then and now
      Using a goodly supply of aluminum tubing ... Noah Marciniak came up with a St. Valentine’s Day concept that looks like an iconic heart when viewed from some angles.
      - 13 Feb 14, 8:26pm -
    • The Obama effect … and counter effect
      On the advent of tonight's State of President Obama’s fifth State of the Union address, I was in Manitowoc, Wis., population 33,736, visiting and touring Jagemann Stamping. I’ll forego weighing in on the state of the country’s economy, but I ca…
      - 28 Jan 14, 9:22pm -
    • The shoppingest time of the year
      Three days ago someone asked if I was done with my Christmas shopping. When I said, “No,” this person said, “Why not?” Not that I owed him or anyone else an explanation, the truth is, I really dislike shopping. I know this flies in the face o…
      - 17 Dec 13, 3:01pm -
    • A trade meritocracy
      Last week, when I visited Fisher-Barton South Carolina, Alex Robertson, business development manager, showed me a part on the shipping dock—a part he was proud of. The contract manufacturer had won the job about eight months ago. And it beat a quot…
      - 17 Dec 13, 2:05am -
    • 'I quit'
      Yesterday's "Stamping News Brief" e-newsletter focused on job satisfaction. It featured a blog post by my colleague, Dan Davis, in which he wrote about the relationship between age and job satisfaction, and how employers are happy with older workers.…
      - 12 Dec 13, 9:24pm -


    • A Quick Read on Fastener Science
      xanax online no prescriptionA mechanical engineer posted this fascinating (tiny) intro to the (vast) world of fasteners and what make them tick in answer to the Quora question “What is something useful about engineering you can teach in 10 minutes…
      - 19 Aug 14, 4:30pm -
    • Video Friday: Moody Axe-Making
      xanax online no prescriptionbuy ambien online without prescription buy provigil online buy klonopin no prescription tramadol for sale buy soma online no prescription buy valium online no prescription buy ultram no prescription alprazolam online no p…
      - 7 Jun 13, 8:23pm -
    • A Rollerboard For Your Tools
      xanax online no prescriptionAbove you see Klein’s new Tradesman Pro Organizer rolling tool bag, which is, well, a tool bag with wheels. It caught our attention because it incorporates features we’ve seen in luggage for years, but which never qui…
      - 3 Jun 13, 4:24pm -
    • Feature: Taking Notes
      xanax online no prescriptionMy father loved to write crap down. He’d dream up some idea or another, and he’d jot it down in one of a half-dozen little notebooks he used to carry around with him. I remember one time as a kid when I asked him abou…
      - 28 May 13, 7:05pm -
    • Victor Rethinks The Oxy-Fuel Torch
      xanax online no prescriptionWhat makes one oxy-fuel torch better than the next? Victor’s research says that we’re most efficient at welding and cutting when we can see our workpiece and easily control the torch. They incorporated a number of fea…
      - 28 May 13, 12:41pm - Mojo